The Difference Between Art Elements and Art Principles

To be able to capture art in a powerful manner, one must possess an understanding of art elements and art principles and how they work together to create a unique work of art. Art elements include lines, shapes, space, value, texture, and color. The principles of art include emphasis, balance, unity, contrast, movement, and pattern. Art principles are the result of a combination of art elements resulting in visually appealing art. The difference between them is the fact that art elements are the building blocks of art principles. For example, a repetition of lines (elements) results in a pattern (a principle). The combination of art elements and art principles can also help by giving the artwork dimension. When it comes to photography, to achieve a truly interesting photo, the photographer must use elements and principles when composing the picture. Knowledge of the elements and principles of art also gives you a better appreciation of art, and makes capturing the art easier.


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